We are Ilya Ruderman from Barcelona and Yury Ostromentsky from Tbilisi.

We’ve been doing type design for over 20 years. We designed and released dozens of bespoke and retail fonts as well as wordmarks.

We design Cyrillic for other typefaces and provide expertise on cyrillisation for major type design studios such as Commercial Type, Production Type, SwissTypefaces, Typemates, Font Bureau, Typotheque. We also designed Georgian for a number of typefaces.

We condemn Russia’s war in Ukraine, its aggression towards other countries and repressions against its own citizens. We donate part of our profit to charities helping those who have suffered from the actions of the Russian government.

We are often asked how to commission a bespoke typeface or logotype, how much it costs and how long it takes, how rights on fonts work, whether it’s hard to design a Cyrillic version of a typeface. We brought together the answers to the most frequently asked questions on this page. Contact us: cstmfonts@gmail.com.