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Ilya Ruderman: Lurk A and Lurk B were designed upon the request of Yury Dud who approached us with a task to somehow improve letters on his YouTube channel, and left with two large type families with a bunch of styles each (the entire story is available here). What is important is that with the help of these typefaces (if properly used) one can express an entire range of tones, because that is exactly how it was intended — for a Youtube show which is one day funny, and the next day is extremely serious.

Finding the name ‘Lurk’ (which we came up with since the exclusive license had expired) required nearly as much time as it took us to draw the letters. We had lots of variants, but none of them fitted. ‘Blogger’? ‘Youtuber’? All of it was too straightforward. Perhaps, you could say that the word ‘Lurk’ — which is a short way to call the online meme encyclopaedia Lurkmore — in this case simply stands for ‘a fancy typeface for the Internet age’. 

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