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Ilya Ruderman: The story of the Normalidad type family began with the MTS Sans typeface, designed especially for the MTS company. That is a separate long story, but the point of it is that we came up with a typeface that was good for all sorts of tasks — for both mobile apps and huge billboards. Since MTS didn’t need exclusive rights, approximately a year later we introduced more styles — now there are 30 (the TypeMedia graduate Anna Danilova was a great help) — and released to the market the Normalidad type family. 

Yury Ostromentsky: Normalidad is a versatile typeface. It can be utilised on Web, in publishing, in advertising. That is its widest styles that we enjoy most. There are several variable formats as well: you can take, let’s say, the Thin style, and then change it in weight or proportion.

Actually, I should mention that we were lucky to have Normalidad. It is not with just any corporate typeface that you would want to turn it into a retail one. It is often the case that the customer needs a tool which differs from existing offers in the market in terms of technical parameters, but not stylistically — like, for example, geometric sans serifs have been recently. 

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