Afisha Air, Afisha Wave, Afisha City

Logos2015 year

Yury Ostromentsky: In October 2013, Afisha magazine launched its new website which hosted three nearly separate, independent micro media: Vozdukh (Air) about the spirit of times, Volna (Wave) about music, and Gorod (City) about Moscow. The magazine itself changed as well: it became far more radical graphically. For example, F Grotesk by Radim Peško replaced the strict Afisha Grotesque typeface that accompanied the magazine for most of its life. Mikhail Smetana, art director of Afisha, asked to do something wild in the three new wordmarks, too. We went with unexpected glyph proportions, ridiculous, childish forms, a volatile waist line, deliberate display-ness — all this was applied to a simple non-contrast skeleton.

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