Logos2015 year

Yury Ostromentsky: It is pretty common for large projects to conceive their logo separately from the rest of their design and typography. It was way simpler with Arzamas: firstly we, together with Charmer studio, designed the website, and then, as a natural continuation, came up with the logo.

Since Arzamas needs to tell lots of stories on lots of topics, the website’s design and logo didn’t need to be too flashy, or carry a certain separate emotion. Above all, the logo didn’t have to be eye-catching, but rather easily integrated into the system. We set the word in Lava Bold (the website’s main typeface), and then we discovered a small graphic idea: putting a middle dot instead of the crossbar in A, which would rhyme with the same middle dot after the word. That’s the story.

Lava Cyrillic, actually, was designed by Ilya Ruderman, and the typeface is available in’s store.


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